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Emily Elias

As one of the founders of the ruff life, I got into the business because I love what I do. I’ve always been very passionate about animals, and I know that all my four-legged clients sense it. I believe that if pets can feel safe in their environment and confident with their groomer, everyone will be happy. With over 10 years of grooming experience, and 2 years working as a dog trainer, I’ve learned that every pet has a different personality, and therefore every pet should be treated as an individual and given special care. I always welcome a challenge of a nervous or difficult pet, because I know they are usually just very misunderstood and only require a little extra love and patience. Over the years, all of my customers have became friends whom I come to visit every 4-8 weeks. You may not realize it, but while your furry friend is with me in that truck, we are bonding and hanging out. This is why I love what I do. 
April Franchi

I have had a huge love for animals of all kinds my entire life! Growing up I always had both dogs and cats so from a young age, I always knew I wanted to pursue a career working with animals. I have been working in the dog grooming industry for 6 years now and I could not be happier with what I do! When I began mobile grooming with The Ruff Life, I knew I had found my vocation. I love being able to bond and spoil each dog one-on-one at the comfort of their own homes. Also, making pet parents satisfied too is another plus! Grooming should be a safe and positive environment for your fur babies and The Ruff Life makes it possible! I am fortunate enough to have a job that I am very passionate about and it doesn’t feel like work at all! I continuously look forward to meeting and pampering new pups everyday!

Julie Mastrosimone

 I have been working in the animal care field for almost 8 years so far and I can’t imagine ever doing anything else! I attended Joseph M. Barry Nassau BOCES and received a certification as a Veterinary Assistant. I have extensive knowledge relating to basic veterinary care and although I cannot diagnose any medical issues I can identify if your pet needs veterinary care. I attended The American Academy of Pet Grooming in Manhattan and graduated early at the top of my class as a certified Pet Groomer. Additionally, I am also double certified by Petco as a Pet Stylist. I furthered my education at the Hershey Groom Expo 2018 and I groom both dogs and cats! I’ve been a dog owner my entire life and I’ve had a passion for canine companionship for as long as I can remember. My approach to grooming is to treat your fur babies as if they were my own! I personalize every pet’s experience by evaluating their needs and yours to provide the most convenient and top quality grooming. I’m proud to be a member of The Ruff Life team because this company’s mission is better than ideal, it is real! I love what I do and I’d like to think that it shows. Thanks for trusting me with your pets! 

Brooke Gonzalez

I’ll never forget the first time I trimmed the fur falling over a dogs eyes. After 6 years in the pet industry and 2 years as a groomers apprentice, it was finally time for me to groom my first dog. Shakily but excited, I uncovered the expression on Cookies face. Fast forward another 2 years and it is still the most rewarding part of my job. Although I wouldn’t call it a job when you truly love what you do. I spend my days cruising from shore to shore while grooming some of Long Islands finest pups. It must be The Ruff Life! Mobile grooming allows me the time and flexibility to form a bond with my clients, both human and canine, practically in the comfort of their own home. I believe comfort is the most important aspect of the grooming process and I take pride in my ability to connect with and care for each individual dog, ensuring the most stress free, safe, and positive experience. From simple, neat and clean pet trims to creative, coloring or asian fusion styles cuts, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and master my craft. Like I said before, its not a job when you love what you do and I look forward to grooming dogs for years to come!

Lindsey Ward

I’ve had the pleasure of grooming for five years, and worked with animals for over five years before that. I absolutely LOVE what I do! I knew right away when I started grooming that I had found my calling. I believe making your furry family member feel pampered and safe during their grooming process is extremely important, every experience should be a positive one! I gladly except all kisses given and am known to give a lot of love to each pet I work with. It’s an absolutely pleasure working with the Ruff Life crew because it doesn’t feel like work at all! I get very excited to give each pup the individual attention they deserve. I mean, who doesn’t love a spa day…and some kisses of course! 
Vanessa Pulgar

Aloha!! Every day is like a vacation when you love what you do! (minus those chilly New York winters). I have five years of experience working with all kinds of furry companions, including one year as a vet tech. But I’m not that by-the-book kind of girl. I love to get creative when it comes to grooming. Just ask my baby boy, Cole, the only poodle with a pink Mohawk (outside a British punk rock concert). I have grooming certifications from both Barry tech BOCES and PetCo, as well as a small animal CPR certification under my belt. But it’s really the three years of grooming experience that has taught me how to really have fun pampering pets, and give our little babies the beauty treatments they deserve!
Erika Frisenda

Hello! I have loved animals for as long as I can remember and have worked with them for about 13 years. I got my start in a doggy hotel, but I knew that grooming was where I could make more of a connection with all the furry friends passing through. I’ve been grooming for over 10 years and have really learned the ins and outs of the industry. I grew up with a dog, and am currently a pet parent of two (pictured above). Therefore, I understand how important it is to be able to trust someone else with your fur-baby. I’d like to think my love for animals creates a safe environment for them, and my experience allows me to do the best job when it comes to grooming your pup. Not only do I love grooming, but keeping doggies/kitties clean and well trimmed comes naturally to me. Thank you for allowing me to work my magic, and continue my passion. 
Lauren Becker

Hi, Im Lauren, I’ve been an animal lover my whole life. I grew up with a chow chow and 2 cats and knew since I was 5 that I wanted to one day work with animals. Since I was 16, I’ve done dog walking, pet sitting, and worked in a boarding hotel. In high school, I attended a vet technician program and I received my certification and I recently became CPR certified for dogs.  I’ve been a groomer for 3 years now and I love it! I love spending time and pampering our fuzzy friends as they deserve. 
Erin McArdle

“Good afternoon, Ruff Life!” My job here at the Ruff Life is both secretary and babysitter for the Elias family. I’m always here to take your calls, set appointments for your fur babies, and make sure that you feel comfortable and satisfied with the entire service we provide (and don’t mind the babbling baby in the background)! As the team’s newest addition, I can already tell you that there’s such a great love and passion for each animal that steps foot in our trucks. There’s so much love and care that goes into making your dog or cat as beautiful as can be, and I take pride in knowing that I get to be a part of the process! As an animal lover and cat mom myself, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take better care of my babies than the girls at The Ruff Life.

Christopher Elias

“Hi this is Chris returning your phone call from The Ruff Life” I’m sure at some point or another you’ve heard me on the phone! Although I’m not a groomer, every once in a while I’ll come along for a ride with the girls. I do all the behind the scenes work of scheduling appointments, answering emails at 3am, also choreographing our team’s schedule and truck maintenance. This is crucial to keep us running efficiently and on time. So even though you may never see my face, just call up the office to set up your next appointment with us and we can chat!


Danielle Eisenberg
I am a social worker/animal lover who has spent the last 8 years caring for other people’s needs. Meanwhile, my pug, Snuggles, has always been at my side taking care of me when I needed it the most. Dogs are the most loving, empathetic creatures in the world and have the biggest hearts. That’s when I realized my true calling. There is nothing I love more than snuggling, playing with dogs, and seeing them smile and have a ton of fun!! I have cared for many dogs, cats, and other pets. I provide overnight care, house sitting, dog walking, and check in’s. I have cared for many special needs dogs who have been sick and needed numerous medications. I currently walk 8 dogs who I love and care for as they are my own. I will do whatever it takes to make your dog feel safe, loved, and happy. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I am more than happy to accommodate you. I can’t wait to meet your dog!!

📞 +1 (516) 398-3606

Send Danielle an e-mail or text to set up a free consultation for DOG WALKING today!

Rose Sailor

Hi!! My name is Rose and I started my home-boarding business 15 years ago. I love and treat all dogs as if they were my own. My dog, Mishka, is an extremely happy and welcoming cockapoo who loves sharing her house with so many friends. I accept any dog under 25lbs and will only take in 4 dogs at a time to ensure they each get their own specialized attention, whether they are an older dog or a pup. I provide both vacation boarding as well as a daycare service. My home is cozy with dog beds and toys spread out through various rooms to make sure each dog can feel comfortable and at ease. I also have a fenced in yard where I provide playtime all throughout the day. Special requests for feeding or anything else are always honored. You can check out my Facebook page, All Phase Doggie Care for photos and reviews. I look forward to scheduling our first meet and greet together!

📞 +1 (516) 735-1911

Send Rose a text at 516-698-6125 to set up a free meet & greet for DOG BOARDING


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