Hair Cuts & Trims

Long Island Pet Stylists On-Wheels

A well maintained coat is not only beautiful, it is also important for your pet’s safety and health. Our professional groomers are not only expert stylists, they’re masters at encouraging proper coat growth. Which will result in less shedding and a happier fuzzy buddy. 

Forget About Bad Hair Days

Unruly pet hair can get your fuzzy buddy caught up in some difficult situation. Impacted coats can cause your pet to overheat and result in complicated health problems. Hair can get tangled, getting your pet stuck in some hard situations. 

Dangerous fleas and ticks thrive in unkempt long fur. Having your pets groomed at least once every 4-8 weeks is a must.  They’ll love you for it, and the cuddles will be 200 times better, we guarantee it. 

Other Services for Coat Maintenance and Care

The Ruffmobile is designed to handle a large number of coat care services. Besides basic haircuts and trimming, we have a long list of fur related services. From maintenance to repair, we’ll have your fuzzy buddy’s coat looking the best it has ever been. 

For fur that needs special attention, we will suggest our matted coat repair service. At all times, our groomers will do what is best for your pet’s health and coat care. We’ll also make sure to educate you on everything you need to know about pet fur. 

[Learn More About Flea & Tick Removal]

Professional Pet Salon for Specialty Breeds and Coat Styles

Certain breeds are classically styled in certain ways . While we don’t mind traditional styling, our groomers are always open to interesting and new looks, that you feel better represent the personality and hygiene of your pet. 

Our professional groomers have styled every kind of breed in every kind of style you can imagine. We are well trained in all the classic cuts, and a few you’ve never heard before. Certain specialty breeds require the best hands in the business to do them right.

Trust the Ruff Life Crew and all our expertise to give your fuzzy buddy the cut they deserve. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed – The Style You Want 

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are unhappy with your pets coat for any reason, please let us know! If you notice you want something touched up just let us know when we return your pet. We will be more than happy to tweak anything you’d like. After the groomer has left the premises, any return visit will be charged as a new appointment.

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