Get Your Pet’s Fur Brushed Anywhere in Long Island
Brush Hour 3: Now Showing @ a Ruffmobile Near You

We firmly believe that a proper grooming requires both a blowout and a brush out. By brushing and combing out your pet’s coat,  we can ensure that all dirt and gunk are removed. Brushing also removes hair that is prone to shedding and will support healthier coat and skin that can breathe. 

A Clean Coat You’ll Want to Cuddle

Having your pet’s coat brushed distributes essential oils that keep their fur healthy. Through brushing our professional groomers get an up close and personal view of their fur and skin. From here our groomers can inspect their skin health, remove matted hair, and identify any fleas or ticks. 

If you’re like us and spend your weekends cuddling up to your personal four-legged fuzzy baby in front of the T.V, then you’re going to want their coat to be clean and healthy. You don’t want to be the guy that brings fleas over to the office Monday morning.

No More Shed on the Bed 

A diligent brush out on your pets coats will remove all the fur that is prone to falling out. This means less pet hair on your bed, couch, backseat, and you get what I’m saying. This is especially important during the spring and fall months when certain breeds are prone to shedding. 

Inquire About Our Premium Coat Care Services

As life-long groomers, fur is our life. We know what good hair looks like, what healthy hair looks like,and what an amazing coat looks like. Everything we do at The Ruff Life is to give your pet the most amazing coat of their dreams. In our Gold Paw package we put away our basic (100% environmentally safe) shampoo and conditioner, and pick out a shampoo and conditioner combo that will enhance your pets coat and health. 

In our platinum package we go skin deep, and care for any aliements or swelling your pet may have under their fur. Our hot towel massage will not only relax your little buddy, but also help them heal from any swelling or wounds. With our specialty moisturizer we prevent your pets paws and snouts from drying up and becoming sensitive and prone to damage. 

Pet Grooming Wherever You Need It 

The Ruff Life Mobile Vans (a.k.a Ruffmobiles) are deployed across Long Island. Each van is fully equipped to handle essential to luxury grooming services. At the wheel is one of our amazing professional groomers that are more than happy to get your fuzzy baby groomed, healthy, and B-E-A-U-TI-FUL. 

Having our professional grooming service be mobile makes it infinitely more convenient for us and – more importantly – you! 

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