About Us

Hi! Welcome to the Ruff Life!

       We are proud to introduce Long Island’s newest spa on wheels for our four-legged friends! We know that our pets hate having to get dropped off at the groomers! First, they make us chase them around the house to get them into the car, and then once they are there, they have to wait in a salon for their turn! It’s full of barking dogs and lots of smells, not exactly relaxing. And it’s not their fault when they come home picking up bad habits from all the other dogs! Then finally when they get picked up hours later, your pet gives you the cold shoulder!! You were only trying to give them their day of beauty and get them all cleaned up!

      Well I know all too well about how these pets feel, and I don’t blame them. I have worked as a groomer in a salon for over 10 years, and I have made some very special relationships with some of these furry friends. Every month that these pets would come in, their trust in me grew, and I learned to understand them more. Even the most nervous pets can learn to relax and enjoy their day at the spa as long as they can feel confident with their groomer, and the environment is stress free and quiet. Shouldn’t every pet be happy when they get groomed? Grooming shouldn’t be associated with something so negative! This is why I’ve decided to bring the tranquility of grooming to them! Why should they have to get dragged into the car when it’s not to the park? Why should they have to wait their turn in a noisy, stinky room and not be waited on paw and tail? And why shouldn’t they get praised constantly for being a good girl or boy when they are? We understand that for our pets, grooming can be such a ruff, ruff life. And it is our goal to change the way that our pets feel about us, and to give them a whole new meaning of The Ruff Life.

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