Our Mission

We Are Proud to Introduce Long Island’s Premier Spa-On-Wheels for our Four-Legged Friends!

The Ruff Life Mobile is at your service and ready to get your little (or BIG) buddy groomed at your convenience. We are the “world’s best” New York based mobile pet grooming service, with a sense of humor. Our fleet of top-of-the-line spa vans provide you with all your pet grooming needs right at your door-step.

Save our number for when you need it the most: (516) 797-DOGS / (516) 797-3647

What is “The Ruff Life?”

You know exactly what the “ruff life” is if you’ve ever had to bring your pet to the groomers. The anxiety and stress for both you and your pet. Long waiting-room hours with other pets that don’t get along with your buddy. For everyone involved, especially the groomers, it’s a pretty ruff life.

Until us, the Ruff Life Mobile is here to change the way you and your pets experience the groomers, and give a whole new meaning to the ruff life. By taking the spa to right there in your driveway. Your dog or cat will feel right at home, because they are. Making a necessary hygiene routine something that doesn’t require a headache.

Call us over to your neighborhood, and invite the pack over for lunch. It’ll be a great dog day with a lot of wagging tails and wet dog.

Short Hair, Long Hair, and Cat Hair

Our veteran groomers have seen every kind of dog and cat in their over 50 years of combined experience. We know the ins-and-outs around every ear, paw, and snout of every dog you can name, and most of those you can’t. Plus, every groomer is a bonafide feline expert.

If you’re not sure whether your pet is considered short hair or long hair, send us a message with a picture over to our facebook page. We’ll walk you through our online client forum.

Grooming Packages

We offer three main grooming packages: Silver Paw, Gold Paw, and Platinum Paw. Our basic grooming needs package, Silver Paw, will cover all the necessary hygiene procedures that your pet requires.

As the packages go up in value, the more grooming and pampering your pet will receive. Something to keep in mind for their birthday, or when they’ve just been an extra good boy or girl. We suggest you schedule a grooming every 4-8 weeks, depending on your pet.  Book in advance so you can really make a day out of it.


Mobile Pet Grooming vs Salon Pet Grooming: A Biased Opinion

Many of our pet groomers come from a salon background, it’s where most of us get our start. Think of it like initiation rights for the pet grooming world. Anyway, we all say the same thing after moving to the home/mobile pet grooming service.

The animals are much more relaxed and less anxious. We are less stressed. The clients are happier at how convenient the service is. Eventually, we are able to grow great long lasting relationships with clients and their pets. Overall, everyone has a great time and the pets are nice and clean without any fuss.

Long Island, The Greatest Place on Earth

Nassau, and Suffolk. Everything from Elmont to Coram. If you’re outside those lines – we can talk about it just shoot us a message or call in!

We live, breathe, and bathe Long Island. Our clients are our community, we deal with the traffic and burn daylight hours so you don’t have to. Take a day off at home, get your dog or cat a nice bath, and kick back with a six-pack or treat yourself to a nap while our mobile dog groomers take care of your furry family just outside your door!

If you live outside of the Long Island area, just give us a call and let’s see if we can work something out.

Day-in and Day-out

We offer standard appointments 730am-5pm daily, and can accommodate clients with special arrangements.


What’s with the Truck?

We’re mobile so you don’t have to be. No one wants a car ride with a muddy dog. Car horns, roaring engines, and a nervous dog on your nice nylon. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Don’t risk having to take a pooper scooper to your car interior. Give us a call, so you won’t have to pay for both a dog groomer and a car cleaning.

Our home service vans are ready to take on your pet grooming needs small, big and extra big. There is no dog nor mess too big that our trucks can’t handle. Every grooming procedure you can imagine can be done at your door-step. Each one of our trucks are specially designed to bring your pet’s coat back to life. 

Learn more about our state-of-the-art pet grooming vans here.

Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back

Or, Why they keep calling us back and showing us love.

Our pet groomers are not only animal people, but also people people. Being on-the-go and working on less hectic schedule allows us to be more attentive to your pet and you. We cherish the fact that you invite us to your homestead, and reciprocate the hospitality with diligent customer care.

Your dog or cat will be much more relaxed when receiving their grooming at home. All our pet groomers are trained professionals who are nothing short of pet-whisperers. We love working with pets and it keeps a smile on our faces all day long.

Learn more about our pet-loving team here.

Try us out, and see why our customers and their pets prefer to have their grooming problems solved at the comfort of their own home. Give us a call at (516) 797-DOGS | (516) 797-3647, or get you and your pet’s information added to our client database, here.

     Our mission is very simple. We want to make pet grooming as easy and stress free as possible for everyone. This means no more dragging your dog or cat into your car to bring them to the groomers, or having to set aside your whole day to drop them off and pick them up. And even more importantly, for them, not having to spend the whole day full of anxiety. We aim to give your pet a comfortable experience right outside of their door. With over 40 years of combined experience, We understand how important it is for pets to feel confident and have trust in their groomer. For many pets, going to the groomer is such a ruff life. And it is our goal to change the way that these pets feel about us, and give to them a whole new meaning of The Ruff Life.

Our Promise

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are unhappy for any reason, please let us know! If you notice you want something touched up just let us know when we return your pet. We will be more than happy to tweak anything you’d like. After the groomer has left the premises, any return visit will be charged as a new appointment.

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